PLAYON PADEL is the very FIRST and LEADING Padel Club in Kenya and East Africa. Our very first padel center is located inside Nairobi Jaffery Sports Club in Lavington and the second is in the heart of Westlands on Rhapta Road. We offer international standard high quality courts for bookings, trainings, matches, tournaments and more for all levels of players from beginners to professionals.

Enjoy a game of Padel with a new community of players, have fun and socialise with new people in a family friendly environment. Play with office colleagues, friends, couples and families. Padel is a sport for everyone, young and old with any level of physical fitness. And
that is why Padel is the fastest growing sport in Europe, Middle East, South Africa and South America. Now the Padel wave comes to KENYA !


Padel is a hybrid racket sport that is a mix of tennis, squash and badminton. Faster than tennis and slower than squash, Padel is ideal for a stimulating yet fun workout. It is an action packed sport played in a glass cage on an artificial turf. Rallies, lobs, smashes and drop shots are very common in the game.

A standard Padel court is 10 metres by 20metres so about a third the size of a squash court and thirty percent smaller than tennis courts; the balls used are the same as tennis balls but with a little less pressure, and the rackets are stringless and perforated commonly made of carbon and fiberglass.


The game is popularly played in doubles so 2v2 while there is can also be in singles 1v1 (the singles court is 6 metres wide compared to the 10 metres
wide doubles court).

Padel serves are all underhand

The serving player is allowed 2 attempts at a correct serve

The ball served must hit the opposite side of the serving area in the game

The ball served must hit the ground before it touches the back glass or cage

The receiving player(s) can immediately return the serve before the ball bounces on the ground

Padel is scored exactly as tennis.

Point 1 = 15
Point 2 = 30
Point 3 = 40
Point 4 = game

Deuces and Advantage are also similar to tennis.


Jaffery’s Sports Club Court

Our Jaffery’s sports center court offers the perfect destination to enjoy padel for players of all levels. Features include:

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    Indoor and Outdoor courts, you can play in any weather
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    Fully Stocked onsite shop with rackets, balls and accessories.
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    Coaching sessions available for players at all skill levels.
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    On-site walking track, football astroturf pitch, gym and badminton available.
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    Rackets available for hire.

The Stop, Rhapta Road Courts

At The Stop on Rhapta Road, we offer a unique Padel experience. Features include:

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    Three panoramic outdoor courts
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    Fully stocked shop with balls, rackets and various equipment.
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    High quality coaching sessions available for all players.
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    On-site shopping at Chandarana Foodplus, Goodlife Pharmacy and HealthyU, Zucchini FoodMarket and Bar
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    Rackets available for hire.


For bookings and any inquiries

info@playonpadel.co.ke 0706668702 Jaffery Sports Club & Rhapta Road – The Stop

Do you want to build your very own Padel court, we specialise in
supply and installation of customisable Padel courts in Kenya.

Please get in touch: info@playonpadel.co.ke

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